Welcome to Behind-the-Scenes of a Lifelong Learner

May 17, 2024

If I had to label myself anything it would be a learner.

I started my first podcast 11 years ago called, The Firebelly Chronicles. It was a video podcast where I interviewed people like author Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way) and owner and founder, Dave Dahl (Dave's Killer Bread). I had always admired people (and still do) who had a fire in their belly and the courage to bring that fire to life.

After my son was born, The Firebelly Chronicles evolved into Winging It. And as I reflect on the creative decision to evolve the project into Winging It, it makes sense.

When Winging It was launched, I was a new mom, working full-time, and interested in exploring my own life and my ability to create within my new reality, in a whole new way.

Winging It became an audio diary podcast and gained a following very quickly, which I was excited about.

I absolutely loved producing Winging It because it allowed me the opportunity to dig deeper into who I was, where I was, and who I was becoming.

So, it makes sense that now, Winging It, is evolving into its next stage—a stage where I explore everything I have learned and continue to learn, as I step into living life in a whole new way once again. 

Into the Living Room: Behind-the-Scenes of a Lifelong Learner is an up-close and personal look at my life—what I've discovered along the way and what I am still learning. 

I enlist the support of experts out in the field, as well as those personally close to me in my life, and like Winging It, I include an audio diary of my own life.

I explore my questions and issues, and the questions and issues of others, but most of all, I search for the core of it all, the bottom of the barrel, the secrets of life, that I have been obsessed with for so long.

Looking back on all the projects I have created, I recognize that I have never stopped searching.

Into the Living: Behind-the-Scenes of a Lifelong Learner is an accumulation of it all and I am so excited to share this journey with you all.

Step into the living room with me as I navigate life and continue to learn all I can about being human.