A Daily Online Space Dedicated to Visioning, Building, & Creating Your Project

As a creative and introvert, I need a strong tether to the real world when taking my ideas from my imagination to physical reality.

Before I created a daily practice in my own life, I would generate amazing ideas, prepare, and plan, but weeks later, find myself hovering above my idea like a drone.

Even with my intense prep, and the endless training and research I had accumulated along the way, I was still not able to move forward with my project.

I had a deep desire to express myself, to create meaningful projects, and to serve in a much bigger way, but I was constantly stuck in this frustrating loop. 

I would start and stop projects so many times, using excuses that made sense to me on the surface, but deep down I knew the truth.

My excuses sounded like:

  • I don't have enough time.
  • I need to focus on this other thing first, and once I wrap up this other thing, I'll focus on my project.
  • It's not realistic. I can't work on my own project. I need to spend all my time creating for other people because my clients come first, obviously.¬†
  • My project's been done before, it will probably flop anyway. It's a pipe dream. Get your head out of the clouds, Shelly.

I created A Space to Create because I understand the important and passionate inner drive to create your project.

A Daily Space to Create is where I learned to hold myself accountable and do the necessary work to turn my ideas into reality.

A Daily Space to Create Your Project

Monday - Thursday
5:00 AM HST | 8:00 AM PT
10:00 AM CT | 11:00 AM ET

Daily Emails with Goal Setting & Accountability

Receive daily emails with goal setting prompts and accountability check-ins.

Daily Project & Life Visioning Prompts

Start each work session Monday - Thursday with a Daily Project & Life Visioning.

Weekly LIVE 15-Minute Mindset Moment

On Thursdays, join us LIVE for a :15-minute Mindset moment hosted by Shelly.

Work on Your Project 4-Hours a Week
for 4-Weeks Independently.

  • Join others in a dedicated online space 4-hours a week for 4-weeks to¬†create¬†and work on your¬†project.
  • We mute upon arrival and begin curating our projects independently for 1-hour in a self-directed session.
  • Dedicate one hour a day Monday - Thursday to focus 100% on building your project.
  • Receive daily email reminders and prompts which include goal setting and accountability.
  • Start each daily session with a life visioning prompt.
  • Celebrate every Thursday with Shelly with a LIVE :15-minute Mindset Moment

Now is the time.

Create your project. 


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Self-Love Masterclass, let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Monday - Thursday



  • A Daily Space to Create Your Project Independently Monday - Thursday
  • Daily Emails with Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Daily Project & Life Visioning Prompts
  • Weekly :15-Minute LIVE Mindset Moment with Shelly