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A force for good, we ignite the world with the necessary people & their content that impacts lives and serves the world through the power of media.

1:1 Partner

Creative and experienced, we continue to be obsessed with ushering individuals and their ideas out and into the world.


We create our own online projects which aim to support up and coming powerhouses who have a deep desire to get their idea, message, and themselves seen and heard.

Godsend Creative Founder |
Shelly May Roby

As a producer, partner, and founder of Godsend Creative, I have always been driven to create transformational, entertaining and inspiring media and products for visionaries around the world.

I have worked with innovative and world-transforming trailblazers such as Oprah Winfrey, and partnered with legendary creators, like documentary filmmaker Les Blank— who continues to be one of my creative role models.

Committed to ushering individuals and organizations out and onto the world's many stages, I continue to walk in my greatest desire—igniting the world with the people, messages, and ideas which have the potential to impact lives and serve the world in powerful and profound ways.

Combining my multiple decades of experience producing for others and then stepping out and producing my own projects, I founded Godsend Creative.

Godsend Creative is a creative relations company which supports you in getting seen and heard throughout the world using the power of media.

At Godsend Creative, we understand the importance and inner drive to tell your story. The constant knocking inside from your idea that wants to come out and play, and your deep commitment to do the work.

With tremendous support on your creative journey,



Some Amazing People & Companies I've Previously Created With: