An all-inclusive experience for people who feel hesitant, awkward, and simply do not know where to start when it
comes to getting their ideas and themselves
out & into the world.

Who is The YARN Project for?

The YARN Project is for people who may be like you—people who have brilliant ideas and projects tucked away inside, and something consistently pops up which stops them from ultimately moving forward.

These people know if they were able to get what is in them—out—that they would not only change lives, they would change their own life in big ways. They'd find a belief in themselves that they'd never had before, they'd find the confidence that they can do it, and they'd finally feel fully expressed at this time in their lives.

The YARN Project is for you if:

➤ You've tried it all, and secretly know it's not anything out in the world you need to do to create your project, it is something that is inside of you that you want to tap into.

➤ You frequently hear a voice in your head that says something like, "Why would anyone care about my idea or my project? There are so many others who are better then me. I will look like a fool."

➤ You want to put yourself on video, but don't know where to start and secretly feel afraid and terrified to do so.

➤ You feel overwhelmed by everything else you have to do, and cannot find the time to work on your project at all no matter what you do, rearrange, implement, or abandon.

The YARN Project will walk beside you as you gain the confidence to express yourself and your ideas—online, on camera—and out and into the world.

In The YARN Project you will:

Overcome Challenges & Face the Scary Project Stuff You Used to Avoid

Co-Produce a Video of Yourself for Your Website and to Share with Your Community

Curate an Unwavering Belief and Confidence in Yourself
& Your Idea

Create a Personal & Project Flow from Doing the Work

Connect Back to Your Inner Power & Guidance

Yes, I'm Ready Now!

The YARN Project Includes:

Show Up & Do the Work Challenge & Productivity Sessions

A Produced Video of You for Your Website or to Share

1:1 Private Sessions with Shelly (Idea Generation, Strategy, & Support)

 Personal & Project Accountability to Move You Forward

Yes, I'm Ready Now!

I See You Because I Am You...

As a producer, I have always been driven to create transformational, entertaining and inspiring media with visionaries around the world.

I have worked with world-transforming trailblazers who were my guiding lights as a young girl. 

Along with my deep desire to use media for good, I also had a secret—a debilitating image of myself and a critical voice so loud that it stopped me from producing my own projects and using my own voice in the world.

I would start and stop projects so many times, using excuses that made sense to me on the surface, but deep down, I knew the truth.

Little by little, day by day, step by step, I started to learn how to put myself out in the world (which I have learned is completely different than producing someone else!).

Today, I know one of the reasons I was put on this planet was to support people using media, and specifically video, to recognize and celebrate the fullest and most authentic version of themselves.

Most of all, I want people to know they are not alone, they are seen, and that they matter...that you matter and that your idea matters.

And because I've been on both sides of space now, I have a feeling that—actually I know that—you are ready now!

All-Inclusive Program


(Get on the waitlist to find out when the next group begins. Send an email to [email protected]) and we will let you know!

  • Weekly Show-Up & Do the Work Productivity & Challenge Sessions (Monday - Thursday for 4-Weeks)
  • A Produced Video to Use on Your Website & Share with Your Community (around 4-minutes or less)
  • (4) 1:1 Sessions with Shelly 
  • Personal & Project Accountability to Move You Forward